A classic haute cuisine restaurant in Paris

For tradition and a cuisine so scrupulously haute it belongs in a museum you can do no better than the Vrinat family's classic restaurant named after France's first great chef and cookbook author (a 14th-century alchemist).

The refined atmosphere is unobtrusive, so you can devote all your attentions to the creations of Valérie Vrinat, the third generation Taillevent owner who inherited the mantle when her father Jean-Claude passed in 2008 and who runs one of the foremost kitchens in town, constantly incorporating the best of new trends into her art.

The late Monsieur Vrinat was the restaurant's sommelier when his father was chef, and Taillevent's wine list remains perhaps the best in all of Paris (which is saying something).

Reservations are required weeks in advance, months if you can swing it.

If the €120–€140 price tag for ordering a la carte makes your wallet panic, splurge instead on the €82 lunch menu.




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