The atrium at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.
The atrium at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. (Photo by Christopher Chen)

Window-shop with the best: A primer on Paris boutiques, department stores, markets, and more

Paris is a world shopping capital, home to haute couture, fine perfumes, gourmet foodstuffs, and fantastic markets.

The Paris department stores

On boulevard Haussmann rise Paris's two flagships of shopping, les grand magazins, of Au Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. Though techncially older (founded 1865), Printemps is a bit more modern and American-styled, with a large Food Hall in addition to the fashion, and Galeries Lafayette (founded 1896) is more Old World French, but both are very upscale and carry the ready-to-wear collections of all the major French designers and labels... » more 

Les boutiques

If you prefer to shop boutiques, the best concentrations of stores are in the adjoining 1er and 8e. No single street offers more shops than the long rue du Faubourg St-Honoré/rue St-Honoré and its tributaries. Even if you can't afford the prices, it's fun to have a look... » more

Gourmet food in Paris

From truffles to fine chocolates, some of the best gourmet food shopping in Paris is concentrated on place de la Madeleine, in the 8eme... » more

Paris markets

From the erudite Seine-side book stalls of Les Bouquinistes to the twittering bird cages and fragrant flower stalls of the Marché aux Fleurs near Nôtre-Dame to the rambling flea market of Clingancourt out beyond the 17eme, these are the famous street markets of Paris... » more

Shopping tips