Hotels in Paris
Hotel de Lutèce offers doubles from €215 in a 17th century house on the Île St-Louis.

Voulez-vous coucher in one of these great value hotels?

Paris has more than 78,000 hotel rooms, so you're sure to find something.

Finding a quality room in a desirable location and in your price bracket—now that's the tricky part.

This city is full of overblown, over-priced hotels and flea-bag dives even the scruffiest backpackers would turn up a nose at.

Stick with me, though, and I'll help you find something that meets your needs, including some great budget hideaways.

Good luck, and don't worry. I've had some of my best stays in Paris in small, fourth-floor walk-ups with unforgettable views across the rooftops.

Reid's 15 favorite Paris hotels

★★★ Hôtel du Jeu de Paume [€€€€€]
★★★ Pavillon de la Reine [€€€€€]
★★★ Le Relais Christine [€€€€€]
★★★ Hotel Raphael [€€€€€]
★★ Hotel de la Bretonnerie [€€€–€€€€]
★★ Hôtel d'Angleterre [€€€€]
★★ Hôtel de Lutèce [€€€–€€€€]
★★ L'Hôtel [€€€€]
★★ Montalembert [€€€€€]
★★ Caron de Beaumarchais [€€€]
Timhôtel Le Louvre [€€€]
Hotel Du Quai Voltaire [€€€–€€€€]
Camping Bois de Boulogne [€]
Hotel Jeanne d'Arc [€€–€€€]
Port-Royal Hotel [€€]

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More excellent Paris hotels
In Montmartre
Hotel 29 Lepic [€€€]
Le Relais Montmartre [€€€–€€€€]
Résidence Blanche [€€]
Hôtel Lumières [€€]
Le Regent Hostel Montmartre [€–€€]

Left Bank/Eiffel
Hôtel des Grands Hommes Panthéon [€€€]
Hôtel Palais De Chaillot [€€€]
Louis II [€€€–€€€€]
Hotel d'Orsay [€€€]

Right Bank
Hôtel Du Prince Eugène [€€€]
Vintage Hostel [€–€€]

How much does a hotel in Paris cost?

Paris hotels can charge whatever the market will bear, so rates will vary wildly.

The official star rating system has more to do with how many amenities a hotel offers (minibar, satellite TV, a fitness room) than the more esoteric qualities of "charming" or "friendly—or even "central."

Very, very broadly speaking, here's what you should expect to pay for a hotel in Paris based on the official star-rating category:

  • [ungraded]: Under €60
  • 1*: €60–€90
  • 2**: €90–€120
  • 3***: €150–€280
  • 4****: €250–€650
  • 5****L: €500+

You'll notice those rate ranges don't follow clearly defined price bands, but rather overlap and leave gaps. That's because the closer to the center of town you are, the more a hotel will cost within its cateogry.

That just means that the price goes up along with the number of stars within a given geographic area, but a two-star hotel with a killer location in a popular, central neighborhood might in fact charge nearly as much as a four-star hotel in a peripheral district.

Where to look for a room in Paris

The general assumption, still holding true (but tenuously) these days, is that the Right Bank has more upscale hotels, while the bohemian Left Bank boasts more inexpensive options.

On your first visit, you'll probably want to stay pretty close to the center of town, but don't fret if the only room you can find is out in les boondocks.

The Paris Métro shortens distances dramatically; it will only take you a few minutes longer to get to the Louvre from the 16eme than from the Latin Quarter.

Besides, most repeat visitors to the city find themselves increasingly drawn away from the tourist center in favor of a more authentic Parisian neighborhood.

Of course, you can also find that authenticity as close in as the Marais or St-Germain-des-Prés, but usually at a price.

Money-saving hotel tips

There is an entire page devoted to money-saving hotel tips, but in brief they are:

  • Know where the cheap hotels are in Paris (Montmartre; near train stations; etc.)
  • Know your travel seasons
  • Shop around
  • Look into lodging alternatives
  • Learn to share the bathroom
  • Avoid paying for breakfast
  • Get a quad rather than two doubles
  • Double beds sometimescost less than two singles
  • Be sure you get price quotes with taxes included
  • Ask for the least expensive room
  • Bargain
  • Offer to pay cash

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More hotel tips
Hotel booking engines

Amazingly, the best booking engines often offer rooms for 5% to 15% less than the hotels themselves are charging, thanks to bulk discounting.

Notice I was "the best booking engines." This rarely means the big three (,, or the major hotel sites (like

You need to use a true independent hotel specialist booking engine:

or a budget specialist:

I'm serious. That's why I've partnered with these sites.

Lately on nearly all my trips I amd finding—and booking—nearly every hotel through either or because they have a better selection and lower prices than any other source.

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Hotels in Paris are rates from 1 to 5 stars (this one is a four-star property).
Hotels in Paris are rated from 1 to 5 stars by the Ministry of Tourism (this one is a four-star property).