Cheap student dorm rooms (résidences universitaires) for rent in Paris

The vast majority of student accommodations in Paris are let on an annual or monthly basis for full-time students.

However, in July and August, when the students are on summer break, several of the official university residences open their doors to passing students and budget travelers.

These are student dorms—basic and simple, but amazingly cheap: around €15 per person per day. Most look like, well, like dorm rooms: unfussy, unfancy, un-spacious, and full of modular furnishings that aren't treated particularly well during the school year.

The nice thing is, since the main univeristy is in the Latin Quarter, there are plenty of student lodgings there in the 5eme as well.

Unfortuntely, there is no central booking service (well, there is——but it all assumes the users are full-year students, so it's only set up to book by the month or the year), so you have to contact each residence directly. Here are some of the most central:

Student dorms in Paris

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